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Through donations, philanthropic gifts, and fundraisers the Bennington Community Foundation uses grants to help our community grow.


Bennington Community Theatre

2023 | $2,000

The community theatre wil provide an opportunity for Bennington residents to

perform and have an outlet for music and theatre. In addition, it will provide

entertainment for Bennington residents. The Bennington Foundation helped with start up costs associated with starting the new Theatre and its first show.

Neumeyer Farm Phase 1.JPG

Neumeyer Farm Park & Athletic Complex 

2021-2022 | $30,000

The city of Bennington announced plans to move forward with the largest public-private partnership in its history: a 50-acre park and athletic complex intended to be used year-round, by all ages, located between 156th Street and Bennington Road.   Neumeyer Farm will be a central hub of many activities.   Plans call for seven regulation-size, multipurpose athletic fields to be utilized by the community’s rapidly growing soccer and football clubs, as well as parking for nearly 800 vehicles.  Walking trails and an elevated green space will serve as a gathering spot for the community. Planned amenities include a great lawn/pavilion, a farm-themed play area and a splash pad that converts to an ice rink in the winter. Other possibilities being considered are tennis courts, sand volleyball courts and a dog park. Long-term, a fieldhouse and/or community recreation center could be built on the site.

Tim Ohrt playground.jpg

Tim Ohrt Park Playground Equipment 

2021 | $5,000

The City of Bennington is working with community volunteers to raise funds to bring new life to Tim Ohrt Park with updated play structures, access roads and handicap accessible sidewalks.  Bids are including one large piece of playground equipment, the Mega Tower, Handicap accessible merry-go-round, climbing structure and more.    Funds are still being accepted at Venmo@cityOf-Bennington.

Bridge lights_edited.jpg

Eagle Scouts Project

2021 | $1,000

Jessie Grothendick Eagle Project – Lighting now illuminates the beautiful Bennington Pedestrian bridge that connects the baseball fields with the soccer complex and volleyball courts.   Patrons can now safely cross the bridge at night with a trail that is illimated at night.   Benches were also placed atop the hill to provide a nice resting place for spectators of baseball games and walkers.   


Boy Scout Troop 13

2021 | $1,000

December 13th 2021 we were honored to present a $1,000 grant to Boy Scout Troop 13 to support improvements to the trail around Prairie View Lake. Scouts Ben and Lukas Caldwell worked with the NRD to install benches, mile markers and pet tie-ups along the trail — some much needed amenities that the community is already enjoying. We are proud to support the efforts of these young gentleman. 

ped bridge2.jpg

Pedestrian Bridge Project and trail

2017 | $27,000

The city of Bennington and the Community Foundation worked together to obtain a large federal grant, state funds and local community funds to build the beautiful Pedestrian bridge and walking trail, that connected the baseball fields with the soccer complex and volleyball courts, and provided much needed additional parking areas for the highly used fields, courts and complex.   

Bennington Wrestling

November 2019 | $4,800

Bennington Wrestling, whose mission is to promote and advocate the sport of wrestling at all age levels, received a $4,800 grant to help supply new equipment. Roughly 120 kids pre-K through 8th-grade participate in the program each year.

Bennington Youth Football

November 2018 | $7,000

A $7,000 grant was awarded to the Bennington Youth Football program in the fall of 2018. The grant allowed the program to make upgrades to their uniforms and other equipment.

Bennington Soccer Club

September 2017 | $5,000

A $5,000 grant was awarded to the Bennington Soccer Club in the fall of 2017. The club put the funds toward buying a line marker and purchasing a tractor to help maintain the fields.

Bennington Athletic League

September 2017 | $25,050

Since 2007, the Foundation has awarded $25,050 in grants to the Bennington Athletic League for general field and dugout improvements. The latest grant of $15,000 in September of 2017 helped the league purchase stadium lights.

Bennington Historical Society

August 2016 | $2,500

The Flower Committee (of the Bennington Historical Society) received $2,000 in grants in 2014 to help establish the Iris Gardens. A few years later, the Foundation awarded another $426 to help buy supplies for the flower beds.

Cub Scout Troup 13

August 2016 | $3,220

Since 2010, Cub Scout Troup 13 has received $3,220 in grants to help improve our community. The troup has made improvements to the Johns-Bohn Park, the concession stand at the old football field, and more.

Friends of the Library

August 2015 | $30,000

In August of 2015, the Foundation awarded the Friends of the Library a $30,000 grant to add an expansion. 

Police Department

August 2013 | $3,000

Several grants, amounting to $3,000, have been awarded to the Bennington Police Department. The grants have been used to help fund safety programs, shop with a cop, neighborhood watch signs, and a difibulator. 


March 2009 | $3,000

In March of 2009, the Jaycees received a $3,000 grant to add playground equipment to Johns-Bohn Park in Bennington. 

Bennington Basketball Assoc.

February 2009 | $2,315

The Bennington Basketball Association received a $2,315 grant in February of 2009 to purchase an automatic basketball return. 

City of Bennington

April 2008 | $5,600

The Foundation has awarded the City of Bennington grants amounting to $5,601 for new and improved signage around town, including the electronic welcome sign on 156th street.

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