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Apply for Grant

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If a 501(c) (3) organization, include a copy of your IRS letter of determination.

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In evaluating the merits of an application the following criteria are considered. Please respond to
each item.

1. Describe what the grant will be used for. Please be specific (i.e. what items will be purchased and their cost, what construction or repairs will be done, what program will be implemented, etc.) It is critical that you provide enough information to enable the Foundation board to give your request
full consideration.

2. Describe how the proposed activity benefits the Bennington Community. Please be specific.

3. How many years has your organization been active in the Bennington Community? Please give all names, titles, and phone numbers of the officers of your organization. List any projects completed in the last three years

4. Please complete the chart below:

A. Total Project Cost:


B. Funds Available:  

(cash/pledges raised for the project/program to date)

C. Balance Needed:

(The amount needed to be raised before receipt of a grant from the BCF. Subtract line B from line A.)

5. If the grant allocation given by the BCF were to be less than the amount requested would the project be able to proceed?

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If "yes," describe how the balance would be raised?

6. What is the time period of the project and when will the grant funds be spent?

7. If your proposal is for the benefit of another organization (i.e.: a parents' organization making
a purchase for the school system) please document their agreement that there is a need and that they are in support of your efforts by including a letter from that organization. For public property projects (community buildings, public parks, etc.) provide a letter of support from the appropriate governmental body (i.e.: city administrator or city council, school administrator or school board, etc.)

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8. If the project will continue after the initial grant period, describe the plan to continue funding and/or maintenance in future years.

Aknolwedgement agreement

The recipient agrees to indicate the assistance of the Bennington Community Foundation in press releases, publications, and other public activities associated with the project.

  • Deadline for request must be submitted by the last day of the month prior to the Foundations normal monthly meeting.

  • The BCF reserves the right to limit the number of grants in any given calendar year to a particular group, organization, or project.

  • To distribute funds for this project the board must have a 2/3 majority vote of attending members.

  • After the project is complete, send us a picture and description of the project and how it benefited the

    community so we can post it on the Foundation’s website.

Thanks for submitting!

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