Recognizing those who go above and beyond for the Bennington community

generosity is about more than money

We strongly believe in the notion of giving back to one's community. But we also know that generosity is not always about monetary donations. That's why we take the time to recognize those who give their time and talent to improve the place we're so proud to call home.


Each fall, we solicit nominations for awards highlighting those who exhibit generosity. Selections are made by a committee of Bennington Community Foundation board members, and awards are presented to recipients at a community event.


of the year

Each year we recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Bennington community within the past 12 months.

2021 Nominations Due Nov. 1 



Periodically we honor a community leader who has made significant contributions to Bennington over his or her lifetime. 



On occasion we celebrate a member of the community who, although no longer with us, dedicated much of his or her life to the betterment of the Bennington. 

past Recipients

Lindsey Adams

2020 Volunteer of the year

Lindsey is currently President of the Bennington Chamber of Commerce and has been involved with the organization since it started. She volunteers regularly within the school, athletic programs, and her church.  When COVID hit, Lindsey played a critical role along with the Bennington Chamber of Commerce and Bennington Schools Foundation to establish the Bennington Community food pantry which is now located at St. Johns Lutheran Church.

"All the volunteering time and energy she spends is because she truly loves our community and wants her - and everyone's - children to experience small-town benefits." -Community Member 


Volunteer of the Year

Zac Johns


Lifetime Achievement

Bill Bohn

Legacy Award

Dave Clark


Volunteer of the Year

Brad Baumert

Lifetime Achievement

Dave Clark


Volunteer of the Year

Ingrid Geiseman


Volunteer of the Year

Tim Clark

Lifetime Achievement

Mike Fucsher

Legacy Award

Jim Bonge


Volunteer of the Year

Kathy Faucher

Lifetime Achievement

Karen Arp

Legacy Award

Mel Valasek


Volunteer of the Year

Maureen Proksel


Volunteer of the Year

Matt Wickham